ATLYS is a classically trained crossover string quartet comprised of four unique women: violinists Jinty McTavish and Sabrina Tabby, cellist Genevieve Tabby, and violist Rita Andrade. Lauded for their passionate and dynamic performances, ATLYS create concert experiences that are both mesmerizing and interactive.

An ATLYS performance, is more than just a concert, though: it is a conversation between artist and audience, and a carefully curated experience with intriguingly diverse programming. With over a thousand performances under their belt, including recent live collaborations with SPELLLING and Seven Lions, ATLYS have inspired listeners and young string players across the globe.

During these socially distant times, ATLYS have also revolutionized their paradigm by perfecting the art of remote recording, launching a YouTube tutorial series to inspire young musicians, and publishing their unique arrangements. With their passion for crossing new borders, ATLYS is always searching for new spaces and methods to captivate and inspire their growing audience, both live and virtual.

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